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The art of LED Backlit Mirrors

With the popularity of LED backlit mirrors rising, our R&D team has been working hard towards the development of our own streamlined system.

Our LED strip lights are secured to a powder coated aluminium heat sync behind the mirror, trapping the light to create a soft “Halo” behind the mirrors profile.

This Halo effect creates a layer of depth behind the mirror, making for an interesting and engaging statement piece.

Arkivio LED Backlit




Our LED Backlit mirrors are operated from the...

How to Choose The Right Mirror For Your Space

Mirrors perform many functions in your space, they define or accentuate what is already present.  With the use of natural light, you could add depth or place it where it reflects your favorite view. You can also use a mirror to make a room appear larger or to add more light to it.

We’ve put together a practical guide that will take the hassle out of transforming your home.

What goal do you have in mind?

Are you looking to add character and a stylish finish to your room or are you simply looking for...

How to care for your wall mirrors

We all wish our mirrors required no maintenance and cleaning, sadly there's no magic trick to keeping mirrors spotlessly clean!

Here are a few tips from the Arkivio team on how you can avoid damages, discolouration and keep your mirrors beautifully reflecting your home spaces.

Deep Frame Mirrors

Colours: Matte Black, Smooth Black, Smooth White, Gold, Copper.

Powder coating is a generally hard-wearing surface coating; it can however chip if dropped or knocked and anything sharp or rough can scratch it. Certain chemicals can damage a powder coated surface. Check out the following care instructions to avoid the above:


Inspiration to the Haus Light

For a long time we've had a vision of a sleek, uniformly diffused, suspended LED light. 

Our experimentation with different materials, diffusers and light sources have drawn their inspiration from a visionary in the architectural industry.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe pioneered the phrase 'less is more', pushing the boundaries of modern architecture in his time.

We too believe in this mantra and have drawn inspiration from his legend in our conceptualization and design of the Haus Light.


The body of laser cut steel is bent and welded in our Durban...

140 West Street Sandton - Part I - The Neuron

Earlier in August 2017 we installed 2 Custom made Neuron Light fittings in the new Hogan Lovells Law Firm offices at 140 West Street, Sandton.

Arkivio Neuron Light

Arkivio Neuron Light Side

Arkivio Neuron Light Front

These 2 Neurons each hold 16 Warm Glow Frosted LED Lamps and stretch 5.2m in length x 1.4m in width. The Neuron Structure is held in tension between a system of Brass Electroplated Steel, which conceals all electrical connections in a seamlessly integrated organism.

Part II of this installation is on the 14th Floor of the new commercial...