Caring for your wall mirrors

We all wish our mirrors required no maintenance and cleaning, sadly there's no magic trick to keeping mirrors spotlessly clean!

Here are a few tips from the Arkivio team on how you can avoid damages, discolouration and keep your mirrors beautifully reflecting your home spaces.

Deep Frame Mirrors

Colours: Matte Black, Smooth Black, Smooth White, Gold, Copper.

Powder coating is a generally hard-wearing surface coating; it can however chip if dropped or knocked and anything sharp or rough can scratch it. Certain chemicals can damage a powder coated surface. Check out the following care instructions to avoid the above:


Care instructions for Deep Frames:

  • Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water mixed with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Wipe dry afterwards.
  • Solvents such as nail polish remover or turpentine will damage the frames surface.
  • Don't use detergent containing ammonia or bleach such as Handy Andy.
  • Use a soft cloth; don't use abrasive cleaning materials such as scouring pad.
  • Deep Frame Mirrors are intended for interior use only, unless specified.
  • Prolonged exposure to moisture could affect the surface finish, especially if the powder coating has been damaged.

Special Care for Brass Deep Frame Mirrors

  • Avoid spraying Windowlene or other similar mirror cleaning agent on the brass frames. This will cause discolouration.
  • The mirror should be wiped with a dry cloth once a week if and when required.
  • A brass frame can be restored to its original condition by applying Brasso (purchased at Game City/Checkers/Takelot) in an initial wipe on application, and then removed and buffed with a clean dry cloth.

(Instructions for this product are listed on the bottle) – this is the same care taken with any solid brass or bronze item.

  • For tough, greasy stains: Apply a bit of toothpaste on the material and rub it in light circular motions. Now wipe this off with a soft cotton cloth. This step should be followed by polishing with brass polish, to ensure the surface is evenly clean and shiny.


Tips on Glass Cleaning and Maintenance  

  •  Clean with glass or mirror cleaner and a soft cloth. Never use a scourer.
  • Take care not to use any glass/mirror cleaning product on a powder coated surface.
  • Anything sharp or rough can scratch the mirror surface.
  • Stubborn spots: Greasy stains, fingerprints and spots can be cleaned using a glass cleaner. Avoid spraying the glass/mirror surface directly; instead spray the cleaner onto the cloth and then use the damp cloth to clean surface stains.
  • Handle glass items carefully: Avoid using harsh, abrasive cleaners, sharp scrapers or razor blades to clean glass or mirror surfaces. 





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