Pluim Light

LPP12GW R 5,090.00 Custom made and Delivered

The Pluims refined tubular capsule floats gently from a flowing cord suspended in your space. Suspended in air, the simplicity of the capsule blends away as it casts a cloud of soft light below.

Hand made with 100% locally sourced materials.


Good things take time - this product is hand made in our Durban studio with a 3 week production lead time

Free National Delivery

Our products are expertly packaged to ensure their safe arrival with you.

Should you order arrived damaged please notify us and we will replace it immediately.

Size: 120cm & 180cm length / 26mm diameter capsule

Lamp: Warm (3000K) or Cool (4000K) LED light

Glow: Uniform LED light source softly diffused

Suspension: Light includes 2 x 3m adjustable suspension points and all ceiling fixtures

Colour: Powder-coat Colours 

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