Classic Pill Mirrors - LED Backlit

R 4,550.00 Incl. VAT & Delivery

Our Pill Shaped Mirrors are now available with a warm LED light illuminating the back of the mirror, creating a halo light effect around the mirrors edge.

Our hidden LED kit is installed to the mirrors wooden backing, with the LED lights running along an aluminium heat sink.

The LED Striplights are waterproof - suitable for bathrooms and paired with a Meanwell 18W LED driver.

Chose between one of our 3 Edgings; Rich Copper, Charcoal or a Frosted Edge.

The edging is created using a stained glass artisans technique of soldered metal which wraps around to the front of the mirror creating an 8-10mm border as indicated in the images below.

The Pill shaped mirror is cut by hand and backed with a light 6mm Birch Wood protective backing, creating a soft shadow line against the hanging surface.

This mirror is hung by its 2 supporting braces making it possible to be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Each mirror is delivered with our recommended 6mm wall plugs included.

Every mirror is created from order, and can take up to 2 Weeks to be dispatched from our Durban studio.


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Mirror Packaging Video:


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