Hoist Wall Light

R 3,690.00 Incl. VAT & Delivery

The Hoist wall light is ideal for bedside or lounge area lighting where its 180 degree swiveling arm can be easily adjusted by touch to give the required amount of light needed.

This light is 'hoisted' by its black fabric cord which runs towards the slim wall bracket and hangs loosely down to the switch and plug. 

This wall lamp is designed to reduce clutter on bedside tables with its sleek wall mounting and provide flexibility in light intensity as its arm is either pushed away or pulled towards the user.

The lower arm is made from 6mm steel rod bent by hand and powder coated black, held in tension by the black fabric cord above its apex.

Wall plugs for installation included as well as a warm glow carbon filament lamp (as per product picture) and 2m of running black fabric cord to hang down to a floor area plug point.

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