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Achieving the perfect LED back-lit mirror

An insight into our LED Backlit Mirror system; creating a consistent, long lasting halo of light.

For the adventurous kind, LED lights may certainly fall within their realm of a DIY project. From our experience however, we know that a lot more goes into setting up a well performing, long lasting system.

Here are a few of the techniques we implement in our integrated LED Backlit system:

1. Heat dissipation

We secure our LED striplight to an aluminium profile, aiding in transferring heat away from the LED. Our Meanwell drivers are open to air circulation and never run beyond 80% capacity. The health of either of these components is as important as the other.

2. Light efficiency

By using an 'L' shaped aluminium profile we trap and reflect 100% of the LED's light outwards against the mounting surface. By reducing light loss behind the mirror we're able to produce a stunning halo of light whilst still keeping the power consumption low.

3. Longevity

We use an IP67 water and dust resistant LED striplight, ensuring moisture doesn't damage the LED's over time. Our soft clip securing system holds the LED striplight in place even on the tight bends of circular mirrors.