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Securing your Wall Leaning Mirror

The Appo leaning mirrors make a beautiful statement piece to complement any room. Combined with the practicality of a full body reflection they're perfect for trying on new outfits.

Installation has never been easier, just lean the mirror against your wall! However we recommend that it's secured in place once you find the perfect spot. We include all the parts necessary for this quick installation when you purchase an Appo mirror.

Installing the Appo Wall Leaning Mirror

  1. Find your perfect spot.
  2. Place the bottom of the mirror frame 8cm from the wall, this should result in a good leaning angle.
  3. Mark the wall 5cm below where the rubber on the back of the mirror is touching the wall.
  4. Move your mirror aside and drill a 6mm hole in the wall, use the wall plug provided to install the wall hook.
  5. Lean your mirror back in place and loop the heavy duty zip tie between the wall hook and mirror bracket.
  6. Tighten the zip tie. Great job! Your mirror is now securely in place.