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Top 10 Interior Styles in 2020

A common challenge many of our partners face is the difficulty of getting their clients to understand a particular design style or styles. We find Pinterest is a powerful way to communicate a style guided by the key factors like line, form and colour. 

We've deconstructed what these top interior design styles mean to us in 2020. Browse our Pinterest boards and see what products we recommend.

1. Modern

Lines & forms: Clean, rigid where form follows function.
Light & colour: Neutrals, black, and white are the main colors. Black is often used for grounding and defining the room. The palette can have a contrast to the neutrals by adding a bright and bold accent.
Materials & pattern: Metal, glass and steel.


      2. Mid-century modern

      Lines & forms: Combination of less is more with organic, natural shapes. 
      Light & colour: Pendant or chandelier lighting to create a centerpiece focal point. Natural colors of orange, yellow, green and brown, although vivid colours are not uncommon.
      Materials & pattern: Simple fabrics. Retro art.


      3. Minimalist

      Lines & forms: From the same concept less is more. Clean, bare and basic. 
      Light & colour: Neutral, hushed tones, with an accent creating a focal point. Often is monochromatic. Nothing is excessive or flamboyant.
      Materials & pattern: Smooth texture for a calming effect such as subtle marble and plain monochromatic fabric.


      4. Scandinavian 

      Lines & forms: Bare ornamentation and clean detailing. Contours are more rounded and cozy.
      Light & colour: Natural lighting. Color palette is muted with blacks, whites, greys and blues with an occasional pop of color
      Materials & pattern: Organic materials. 


          5. Industrial style 

          Lines & forms: Sharp hard and bold lines.
          Light & colour: Warm light. Common lighting features are glass and pendant lighting. Colours are generally warm browns and greys. 
          Materials & pattern: Raw steel, metal and wooden finishes. Exposed, bare bricks. Rough and tactile textures.

          Did you know we can offer our frames in mild steel with a 2K clear coat to give a raw steel look.


          6. Contemporary Interior Design

          Lines & forms: Combination of straight lines and rounded. Branches from modernist aesthetics.
          Light & colour: Main colours are neutrals, black and white. Accents are often painted with a bright bold colour. Brass colour is current. Lighting used for ambience and mood.
          Materials & pattern: A clean, balanced mix, of smooth and tactile textures.


            7. Bohemian style

            Lines & forms: A juxtaposition of form and line from multiple angles. Geometric and straight to rounded and curved which forms the bohemian patterned textures.
            Light & colour: Bold colours; from pinks, to purples, to oranges, and greens – the bolder the better. 
            Materials & pattern: Metallics And Mirrors. Rhythmic linear patterns on decorative textiles.


            8. Traditional / Classic style 

            Lines & forms: Rounded lines, and intricate shapes from carved furniture.
            Light & colour: Elaborate lighting and rich colours in backdrops. 
            Materials & pattern: Dark wooden furniture and high-end fabrics are usually chosen for upholstery, including leather, velvet, and silk.


            9. Transitional style

            Lines & forms: Straight and sharp mixed with soft and round. Simple and sophisticated. 
            Light & colour: Neutral and monochromatic colours. Deep taupe to warm tan.
            Materials & pattern: Combination of traditional and contemporary styles, there is a mix of plain and textured.


            10. Art Deco style

            Lines & forms: Geometric hard lines and shapes.
            Light & colour: Atmospheric lighting systems to create mood and balance. Brass and chrome finishes are featured and contrast with solid colour schemes black, brown, and tan.
            Materials & pattern: Glossy paint and lacquered wood furnishings.Symmetrical and geometric patterns and shapes in fabrics and overlays.

              Get in contact with our design team if you like us to guide you through options and customisations to make sure you find the perfect piece for your next project.