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3 Things to understand about Picture Lights

Art can completely transform a room, and the lighting of that art is just as important too.

1. Sunlight vs LED

If your client has a beautiful piece of art that they’re really attached to, it would be best to suggest it not be placed directly in sunlight. The harsh UV rays will quickly damage the artwork. Instead, place it somewhere away from the window and light it up artificially. LED lighting has the advantage over halogen bulbs as they don’t give off any UV rays at all! We recommend our Museo picture light fitted with a warm 3000k soft-glow LED as the best colour temperature to light artwork with.


2. Aim for a 30-degree angle

You can minimise glare from a picture light by aiming for a 30° lighting angle between fixture and artwork. Slightly less acute with larger pictures and a little more acute if you’re looking to accentuate texture. If your artwork it box mounted or more offset from the wall than usual, we can customise the brackets of our Museo Picture Light in order to find that perfect angle!


3. Pairing your light with the frame and artwork

Choose the colour or finish of your picture light to complement or match your artwork. A brass finish on the Museo Picture Light may go well with a warm-coloured palate or go with an ultra-modern matte black powder coat to pair with a minimalist modern piece. The Museo Picture light is made to order, so the ability for us to customise it to suit your space is endless!

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