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Benefits of the Arkivio Cleat Mounting System

Last year we consulted with installers about their experiences in hanging mirrors and artworks in homes. From those discussions with industry experts we designed what we think to be the perfect solution to hanging mirrors. We then invested in an aluminium die to extrude our own cleat mounting system!

No more aligning the hooks!

If you’ve ever been involved in hanging a mirror with hooks, you’ll know the frustration of trying to peek behind the mirror in order to align the hooks. With the Arkivio Cleat, there is none of that and much less danger to scratching your new paint or wallpaper.

Missing the pipes & electrical

Another common issue with installing a mirror in the bathroom is that the water pipes or electrical wires often run directly where you’re planning to hang the mirror. The Arkivio cleats have multiple holes to choose from which allow the installer to avoid drilling into any areas where they think they could encounter a problem. They can miss these spots knowing that it will not affect the final hanging position of the mirror.

Hanging a heavy mirror on drywall

As drywalling does not have the same strength as a brick wall, a concern is that the screws may be pulled out with the weight of the mirror. The Arkivio Cleat system makes it is possible for the installer to use all available holes along the cleat, dispersing the weight of the mirror between all the screws allowing for a more secure mount.