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Door to Door International Delivery. Current Manufacturing Time 5 - 7 weeks.

How We Safely Ship Luxury Around the World - Perfecting the Crate

Ensuring the safe arrival of our fragile products across vast distances is a vital part of our commitment to excellence. With the increase in international orders and many that travel over dirt roads to game lodges, we set ourselves the goal of perfecting the Crate, and to get it done quick, 10 mins to be exact.

Traditional crating methods often involve lengthy assembly times and cumbersome logistics that aren't ideal for our Trade Partners timeline. As well as having giant crates hanging around the workshop is not ideal for our made to order production lines. Inspired by this challenge we embarked on a mission to to streamline the crating process, allowing us to assemble high-strength crates in 10 minutes. Leveraging the power of our custom built ERP system, we integrated Google Sheets and CAD software to send precise cut dimensions to our trusted wood supplier for immediate delivery. Using our in-house system the assembly is swift and efficient, allowing us to quickly create robust, tailor-made crates that perfectly fit every unique order.

By continuously seeking efficient solutions in every Arkivio process our goal is to deliver both the best product & the best service with consistency no matter where your project is based.