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Bring Light & Space into your home

In the last year we’ve all been spending a lot more time in our living spaces, from working at home to family zoom calls from the couch, there’s never been a more important time to make your home feel comfortable, light and spacious.


Here are some simple tips you can apply using mirrors to enhance your living space.

1. Lighten up a room

A large mirror will reflect both natural and artificial light in a room. Even the smallest amount of natural light can be reflected with great effect into a room. To optimise the light coming from a window, place your mirror adjacent to the window to catch the light and bounce it throughout the room. Naturally the bigger your mirror the more light it will reflect but a series of smaller mirrors can also have the same effect.

2. A large room illusion

Placing a mirror in a small space can make the room feel more spacious just by reflecting another part of the room. Although we know this is just a reflection, the sense of additional space is subconscious and felt by anyone present. Good examples of this are a full length mirror at the end of a narrow hallway or a large circle mirror above a vanity in a guest bathroom.

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3. Double the atmosphere

If a room feels empty it can detract from the general atmosphere of the space. In an area where you’re likely to entertain guests, place a series of mirrors to give the illusion of more people in the space thereby enhancing the atmosphere.

4. A spacious focal point

Use a mirror to give your room a focal point. Usually this could be placed above a feature table in the room. Using the rule of thirds, the mirror's height should reach double the height of the table and should not be wider than the table itself.

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5. Mirrors with lighting behind

Although this effect will only truly be seen at night, using an LED backlit mirror creates what we call the Halo effect adding another layer of depth behind the mirror, making for an interesting and engaging statement piece.

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