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The Art of Ageing Mirror

We've experimented with 2 methods to create an aged or antique mirror effect. 

1. Using paint stripper

It removes the protective layer on the back of the mirror. This is carefully scraped off to reveal the reflective film. Finally, the film can be aged using a mixture of bleach and water. 

Negatives - higher chance of damaging the mirror as the paint stripper can eat through into the reflective film. Handling and disposing of hazardous chemicals is also an environmental concern.

2. Our way - Applying a reflective paint technique to clear glass. 

We create a reflective aged mirror surface by layering thin coatings of reflective paint onto the backside of clear glass. This is applied over a partly non-stick surface to give the resulting aged look.

Positives - allows for more control and uses less environmentally unfriendly products. The final step to finishing an aged mirror is to apply the background colour, this is generally a dark grey, blue or brown depending on the project requirements.

If you’d like to have an aged mirror for any of your projects let us know, we can offer this custom effect in any of our mirror shapes and styles.

To enquire about adding the aged mirror effect to you order click here.