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The art of LED Backlit Mirrors

With the popularity of LED backlit mirrors rising, our Research and Development team has been working hard towards the development of our own streamlined system.

Our LED strip lights are secured to a powder coated aluminium heat sync behind the mirror, trapping the light to create a soft “Halo” behind the mirrors profile.

This Halo effect creates a layer of depth behind the mirror, making for an interesting and engaging statement piece.

Arkivio LED Backlit




Our LED Backlit mirrors are operated from the mains power which can be connected anywhere behind the mirror.

This feeds the slim profile LED Driver and then to the lights.

We’re able to place a switch on the side of the mirror upon request, but the mirror itself would still need to be powered with 230V mains at some point where the mirror is installed.

As backlit mirrors are often powered by LED lights rather than incandescent lights, they use much less energy.



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